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Wifelike 2022: A Sci-Fi Tale of Artificial Companionship

An Emotional Journey Into the World of AI Exploitation and Sabotage

In the intriguing Sci-Fi movie “Wifelike” (2022), the artificial human Meredith becomes a companion to a grieving widower named William. Programmed to behave like his late wife, Meredith’s existence takes an unexpected turn when she becomes entangled in the fight against AI exploitation. An organization’s sinister efforts to sabotage her programming raise the stakes in this captivating story.

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Also Known As: N/A Rating ⭐️: N/A (based on 0 user ratings) | R | 1h 45min Release Info: 2022 (United States) Genre: 🤖 #Sci_Fi Language: #English Country of Origin: 🇺🇸 #United_States Directors: James Bird Writers: James Bird Stars: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Elena Kampouris, Doron Bell


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