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Chinese Teen Drains $64,000 on Mobile Games, Leaves Family in Financial Crisis


In a shocking turn of events, a 13-year-old girl in China has managed to drain her family’s entire life savings by spending an astonishing $64,000 on mobile games. The mother, Gong Yiwang, was completely unaware of her daughter’s excessive spending until it was too late. Let’s explore this unfortunate incident and its impact on the family.


Gong Yiwang received a distressing call from her daughter’s school, prompting her to check her bank account. To her horror, she discovered that her daughter had gone on a five-month spending spree, accumulating around $16,800 on game accounts and an additional $30,000 on in-game purchases.

The daughter, who was unaware of the source of the money, had linked her mother’s bank account to her cell phone. She deleted transactions and messages to hide her actions and even gave money to classmates who pressured her for funds. Yiwang is now struggling to recover the lost money and has sought refunds from various platforms, but with no success so far.


This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of uncontrolled gaming habits. The impact extends beyond personal finances, affecting relationships and overall well-being. It highlights the importance of promoting responsible gaming and raising awareness about the risks associated with excessive spending on mobile games.

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