How To Access Unlimited Internet In Ghana For MTN/VODAFONE using Wire Tun Vpn


Wire Tun is a popular VPN (Virtual Private Network) app that lets in you to get admission to loose internet in Ghana. It’s easy to use and can be downloaded at no cost at the Google Play Store. Here are the steps to follow to get commenced with Wire Tun:

Step 1: Download and Install Wire Tun

1. Open the Google Play Store in your Android tool.
2. Search for “Wire Tun” within the search bar.
3. Find the app by using the search bar and click on it.
Four. Click on the “Install” button to down load and installation the app to your device.

Step 2: Set Up Wire Tun

1. Open the Wire Tun VPN app on your device.
2. Select your chosen server place from the list. For most useful performance, choose a server near your region.
Three. Click at the “Connect” button to set up a VPN connection.

Step three: Accumulate Time by Watching Ad Videos

1. Once related, you’ll see a timer at the app’s primary screen indicating the last time you have got without spending a dime internet access.
2. To accumulate greater time, click on the “Watch Video” button.
Three. Watch the quick ad video to completion. Upon completion, you may receive beyond regular time for free net get admission to.
4. Repeat this method as wanted to build up greater time.

Step 4: Enjoy Free Internet Access

1. With the accrued time, you can now browse the internet, watch videos, and use your favourite apps with none regulations.
2. Keep an eye fixed at the timer to make certain you’ve got enough time in your internet activities.

Step five: Support the Dev Team for Unlimited Time Access (Optional)

1. If you need limitless time access with out watching advert videos, you may assist the Wire Tun VPN development crew through buying the app.
2. Click on the “Upgrade” button within the app.
Three. Follow the activates to finish the acquisition and revel in limitless time access to unfastened internet in Ghana on each MTN and Vodafone networks.

Wire Tun is an awesome tool for gaining access to free net in Ghana on MTN and Vodafone networks. By following this manual, you could easily installation the app, gather time by looking advert motion pictures, and enjoy unfastened internet get right of entry to. If you need limitless time get admission to, recollect assisting the development crew by means of buying the app. Happy browsing!

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