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Joe Biden Takes a Tumble at Air Force Graduation Ceremony



JUST IN!! #joeBiden footage from U.S Air Force graduation ceremony 🎑 shows that the president took a fall today. According the @CCN Biden tripped over a sandbag whole handling out diplomas.


But don’t worry, folks! The only thing hurt was his pride and his suit’s dry-cleaning bill. We’re sure our President bounced back up like a champ, ready to take on the world with renewed vigor. And hey, if anyone knows how to handle a trip or two, it’s our Joe. Remember that time he accidentally said “Stand up, Chuck!” to a man in a wheelchair? Oopsie!


In all seriousness, we’re wishing President Biden all the best and sending him the warmest of wishes. May he stay healthy, happy, and always keep his balance. And hey, maybe he should invest in some anti-slip shoes for all those graduation ceremonies he’s going to attend in the future. Safety first, folks!

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