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Shoemaker in Asunafo Commits Suicide after Wife Leaves Him for a Wealthy Man


It was a sad day for the people of Asunafo in the Municipality of the Ahafo Region when news broke that a local shoemaker, Kwame, had committed suicide in his apartment. The cause of his death was revealed to be self-inflicted hanging.

Kwame was a well-known shoemaker in the community, and he was known to be a hardworking and dedicated man who earned his living by repairing shoes. However, the people of Asunafo were stunned to hear of his untimely demise, and they were left to speculate on what could have driven him to take his own life.

According to reports, Kwame left a voice note on his phone prior to his death, blaming his wife for leaving him for a rich man. It was learnt that his wife had left him a few months earlier after she had fallen for a wealthy man who could provide for her and their children.

The situation had left Kwame devastated, and he was said to have been heartbroken when his wife had left him. Despite the support of his family and friends, Kwame found it difficult to come to terms with the betrayal of his wife.

The news of Kwame’s suicide has sent shockwaves throughout the Asunafo community, and many have expressed their sadness at his untimely death. The people of the community have also called for more attention to be given to mental health issues and to provide support for those who may be struggling with mental health issues.

The tragic death of Kwame has reminded us of the need to pay attention to the mental health of those around us. We must reach out to those who may be struggling and offer them the support and care they need to overcome their challenges and live their best lives. May Kwame’s soul rest in peace.

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