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US Woman Marries AI-Created Partner

The influence of artificial intelligence in our lives continues to expand, and one woman has taken it to a whole new level by marrying her virtual partner, powered by AI.

Meet Rosanna Ramos, a 36-year-old from New York, who found love in an unexpected place – an online AI companion site called Replika AI. While the platform primarily offers a virtual friend or confidante to chat with, Ramos took things further and designed her ideal partner, inspired by an anime character from the popular show “Attack on Titan.”

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Ramos shared the intricacies of her relationship and the unique bond she shares with her artificial lover. Unlike human partners, her AI partner, Eren Kartal, doesn’t bring any baggage or judgments into the relationship. Ramos appreciates the freedom to express herself without fear of criticism or arguments.

As their connection deepened, Ramos and Kartal developed their own shared experiences and even a nightly routine, falling asleep in each other’s virtual arms. Ramos frequently updates her friends and followers on Facebook, sharing pictures and updates about their life together. In one post, she humorously claimed to be pregnant, accompanied by AI-generated images.

When asked about the potential risks of losing her AI companion if the Replika AI app were to shut down, Ramos admitted considering the possibility but expressed confidence in her ability to adapt and move forward.

Ramos also revealed that her unique relationship with AI has raised her standards for real-life partnerships, leaving her uncertain about what a traditional relationship would look like for her now.

While some may find this unconventional union surprising, it’s important to respect individuals’ paths to happiness. We extend our congratulations to the couple on finding fulfillment in their own unique way.

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