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Wahala Be Like Bicycle: Woman from Paris Claims to be Davido’s 6th Baby Mama, Provides Shocking Evidence!


Wahala Be Like Bicycle: Woman from Paris Claims to be Davido’s 6th Baby Mama, Provides Shocking Evidence In a surprising turn of events, a woman from Paris has come forward with compelling evidence, claiming to be pregnant with the child of Nigerian musician Davido. 

This shocking revelation has sparked widespread attention and controversy, as she provides receipts, recorded WhatsApp voice notes, screenshots, and even a video showcasing her alleged relationship with the renowned artist. In this blog submit, we can delve into the information of this brand new improvement, while also incorporating the evidence she has supplied.

Previous Articles:

Before we explore the latest update, let’s recap our previous articles on TechZone101 regarding Davido’s alleged relationships. In our first post, titled,” we discussed the claims made by Anita, who alleged to be pregnant with Davido’s child.

In our second post, titled we examined the skepticism and curiosity surrounding Anita’s claims. 

The Latest Revelation:

Now, let’s turn our attention to the newest development in this ongoing saga. A woman from France has emerged, declaring herself as Davido’s 6th baby mama. With confidence, she has provided compelling evidence to support her claim. She has presented a receipt that allegedly proves her involvement with Davido, along with recorded WhatsApp voice notes that suggest a close relationship between them. Furthermore, she has shared screenshots and a video documenting their time together during the promotion of one of Davido’s songs.

Analyzing the Impact:

The public response to this revelation has been swift and intense. While a few are skeptical, wondering the authenticity of the proof and the reasons behind the girl’s claims, others are captivated through the scandal and eagerly await similarly tendencies.


The emergence of yet another potential baby mama has intensified the existing controversies surrounding Davido’s personal life, raising questions about his commitment and responsibility.


The news of a woman from Paris claiming to be Davido’s 6th baby mama has sent shockwaves through social media and the entertainment industry. With the compelling evidence she has provided, including a receipt, recorded WhatsApp voice notes, screenshots, and a video, the controversy surrounding Davido’s alleged relationships continues to escalate. As the story unfolds, it is crucial to remain discerning and await further confirmation or clarification from the involved parties. Stay tuned to TechZone101 for the latest updates on this captivating saga.

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