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Bird Box (2023)

A Gripping Blend of Horror, Mystery, and Sci-Fi

Bird Box (2023) this film seamlessly blends horror, mystery, and science fiction, making it an ideal choice for an engaging weekend watch.


Amidst a world plunged into chaos by an unexplained entity, accompany Sebastián and his daughter as they navigate the vibrant streets of Barcelona on an extraordinary survival quest.

Skilled Creators

“Bird Box Barcelona” owes its creative prowess to directors David Pastor and Àlex Pastor. Their imaginative direction merges suspense and emotion, creating an immersive experience. The writing duo, Àlex Pastor and David Pastor, craft a storyline that draws viewers into a realm of constant danger.

A Stellar Cast

The movie boasts a talented cast that brings the characters to life with incredible depth. Mario Casas, Georgina Campbell, Diego Calva, and others deliver performances that resonate, intensifying the suspense.

Language and Origin

Seamlessly blending Spanish and English, “Bird Box Barcelona” adds authenticity to the storyline. Hailing from Spain 🇪🇸, the film captures the essence of Barcelona’s iconic landscapes as the backdrop to this thrilling survival saga.

Unveiling the Unknown

Prepare for a captivating narrative as Sebastián and his daughter brave the unknown. Their bond is tested, and the mysteries of this entity slowly unfold.

Mark Your Calendar

“Bird Box Barcelona” debuted on July 14, 2023, in Germany. Don’t miss this heart-pounding adventure that questions fear’s limits and the human spirit’s strength.

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