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Niger Political Turmoil: France Takes Swift Action

Political Unrest in Niger Prompts Evacuation Measures

In response to the Niger political turmoil caused by a recent military junta’s seizure of power, France’s foreign ministry has taken swift action. They announced the commencement of evacuations for French and European citizens from the country, starting on Tuesday. The closure of Niger’s borders to commercial flights has heightened security concerns in the region. Stay updated as tensions rise and neighboring countries react to the unfolding crisis.

Niger’s Seventh Military Coup Triggers Border Closure and Security Concerns

Since the military takeover that ousted President Mohamed Bazoum and his democratically elected government last Wednesday, Niger has witnessed its seventh military coup in less than three years within the West and Central Africa region. The situation has caused significant concern among Niger’s Western allies, with fears of losing influence to Russia, particularly in the Sahel region. Additionally, security concerns have escalated due to the presence of groups affiliated with Islamic State and al Qaeda, who have been gaining ground in the area over the past few years.

France’s Decade-long Presence in Sahel Region Raises Mixed Sentiments

France has been involved in the Sahel region for a decade, supporting efforts to combat an Islamist insurgency. However, some locals have expressed their desire for the former colonial ruler to refrain from intervening in their internal affairs.

French Embassy Attack and Closure of Airspace Prompt Evacuation Plans

The escalating tensions were evident on Sunday when supporters of the junta targeted the French embassy in Niger’s capital, Niamey, burning French flags and prompting the police to respond with tear gas. Given the volatile situation in Niamey and the closure of airspace, France has taken the initiative to evacuate its citizens and European citizens who wish to leave the country.

French and European Citizens Set to Leave Niger Amidst Tensions

The French foreign ministry revealed that there were nearly 1,200 French nationals in Niger in 2022, but the number currently in the country is estimated to be around 600, with some families on vacation. Italy has also announced its plan to repatriate its nationals from Niamey through a special flight.

Other Nations’ Troops in Niger Await Further Developments

While France, Germany, Italy, and the United States maintain troops in Niger for counter-insurgency and training missions, there have been no announcements regarding the evacuation of military personnel at this time.

French Foreign Minister Expresses Concerns Over Potential Destabilization

French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna expressed her concerns about the destabilization of the situation, attributing the protests in front of the embassy and accusations of French involvement to a potential “Russian-African way” of causing destabilization. It is noteworthy that Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of Russia’s Wagner mercenary group, had previously expressed support for the coup and offered assistance to restore order.

Russia’s Wagner Group and the Impact on Niger’s Political Landscape

Niger, being the world’s seventh-largest producer of uranium, plays a crucial role in the supply of the radioactive metal used in nuclear energy and cancer treatment. The European Union Commission assured that EU utilities have sufficient uranium inventories to mitigate any short-term supply risks.

Orano’s Assurance Amidst Evacuation Efforts

Despite the evacuation, French nuclear fuels company Orano has stated that its activities in Niger will continue without disruption, as 99% of its staff are Nigerien nationals.

ECOWAS Imposes Sanctions as Neighboring Countries React

As the situation unfolds, the regional bloc ECOWAS has imposed sanctions, including border closure and financial transaction halts, freezing national assets, and threatening the potential use of force to reinstate President Bazoum, who remains confined within his palace. However, neighboring countries, including Burkina Faso, Mali, and Guinea, have expressed support for the coup’s leaders.

Burkina Faso and Mali Join Forces with Niger

International Community Watches Closely as Niger’s Crisis Unfolds

In conclusion, the situation in Niger remains fluid, and France’s decision to evacuate its citizens and EU nationals reflects the growing concerns over the political instability in the region. The international community continues to closely monitor developments in Niger to ensure peace and stability are restored.

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