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Multichain Rumors and Panic Selling: Investors Should Exercise Caution‼️


Recently, there have been rumors circulating around the Multichain team being arrested by the Chinese police, with $1.5 billion of contract funds under their control. This news has sent the prices of $MULTI to plunge down 30% today, leaving investors worried about their investments.

Adding to the panic, the Fantom Foundation Wallet has removed 449,740 $MULTI ($2.4M) from liquidity on #Sushiswap 30 minutes ago, which bodes ill for the currency and reinforces investor fears about a possible sell-off.

The rumor of the Multichain team’s arrest and control of the contracts funds by the Chinese police is yet to be confirmed, but it deserves attention. Such rumors and uncertainty can bring about market volatility and instability, causing panic selling within the industry.

Investors are advised to exercise caution and stay calm, especially during situations like this, where information is unconfirmed. Panic selling carries the risk of locking in gains or potential gains and even losing your investment.

It is crucial to keep abreast of news and updates, always verifying sources’ validity before making any investment decisions. Ensure to keep a clear head, control your emotions, and remain disciplined when dealing with uncertain events like this.

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