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Toronto Police Seek Assistance in Locating Missing Four-Year-Old Child



In a distressing turn of events, the Toronto Police Department has made a desperate plea to the public for assistance in locating a four-year-old child who has been missing for the past five days. The young child, named Shauna-Kay, was last seen on June 22 around 10 a.m. in the vicinity of Markham Road and Eglinton Avenue East, situated in Scarborough Village. As authorities express grave concerns for the child’s safety, it is of utmost importance that we come together as a community to spread awareness and aid in the search efforts.


Shauna-Kay is described as a three-foot-tall child with beautiful black, braided hair worn in a bun. To help identify her, it is crucial to note that she was last seen wearing a purple T-shirt, gray pants, and white shoes.


In sad times like these, .We urge all members of the public to actively participate in spreading awareness by sharing this vital information through every available platform. By amplifying the message, we increase the likelihood of reaching someone who may possess crucial information about Shauna-Kay’s whereabouts. Together, we can make a difference and bring this innocent child back home safely.



The Toronto Police Department is counting on our collective efforts to assist in locating the missing four-year-old child, Shauna-Kay. By sharing the provided details on social media, websites, and within our communities, we can exponentially increase the chances of her safe return. Let us come together, demonstrate the power of unity, and help reunite Shauna-Kay with her loved ones. Remember, every share, every conversation, and every effort counts in situations as critical as this. Together, we can make a significant impact and bring hope to those who are desperate for her return.


(Note: Please make sure to refer back to the official Toronto Police Department or local news sources for any updates or additional information on the case.)

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