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President Nana Akufo Addo Firmly Rejects LGBT Approval in Ghana


In recent years, the issue of LGBT rights has become a hot topic around the world as more and more countries are moving towards granting equal rights to individuals regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. However, not all nations are embracing this change, and one such example is Ghana. President Nana Akufo Addo has made it clear that he does not support the approval of LGBT rights in his country, stating that the cultural values and national identity of Ghana must be upheld.

The Stand of President Akufo Addo on LGBT Rights in Ghana

While it is essential to respect and protect the rights of every individual, it is also crucial to consider the cultural context and national identity of a country. In Ghana, the majority of the population sees the issue of LGBT rights as a foreign concept that goes against their traditional beliefs and values. 

In February 2021, the president reiterated his position during a meeting with the leadership of the Anglican Church in Ghana. He affirmed that under his watch, same-sex marriage would not be legalized, and the cultural values and national identity of Ghana would remain intact.

Cultural Values and National Identity

Ghana, a West African nation with a rich cultural heritage and strong traditional beliefs, is a predominantly religious country. Most Ghanaians identify themselves as either Christians or Muslims, and both religious groups consider homosexuality as a sin. The Ghanaian society is traditionally conservative and upholds the sanctity of marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

The current laws in Ghana also reflect this conservative stance. The country’s Criminal Code, under Section 104, criminalizes “unnatural carnal knowledge,” which is defined as consensual or non-consensual sexual acts between individuals of the same sex. This law has been in existence since the colonial era and continues to be enforced to this day.

The Importance of Upholding Cultural Values and National Identity

By standing firm in his stance against the approval of LGBT rights in Ghana, President Akufo Addo is sending a strong message that he is dedicated to preserving the cultural values and national identity of his people. He is prioritizing the wishes of the majority of Ghanaians who believe that the sanctity of marriage and the family unit is an essential part of their culture.

As the world witnesses an increasing number of nations embracing the LGBT community and legalizing same-sex relationships, Ghana continues to stand firm in its disapproval. In 2023, President Nana Akufo Addo has made it clear that he does not support the legalization of LGBT relationships in his country, reflecting the values and beliefs of the majority of Ghanaians.

President Akufo Addo’s stance on the issue is rooted in the cultural and religious beliefs of the Ghanaian people, who predominantly identify as Christians and Muslims. Both religious groups have traditionally been opposed to LGBT relationships, and the president’s refusal to consider legalizing them is in line with the beliefs of his constituents.

In an interview, President Akufo Addo stated that he did not foresee a change in the country’s position on LGBT rights in the near future. He emphasized that Ghana’s cultural norms and values must be respected and upheld, and the majority of the population is not in favor of legalizing same-sex relationships.

This decision by President Akufo Addo is not without its detractors. Human rights activists and international organizations have criticized Ghana for its lack of progress on LGBT rights. Many argue that the country should follow in the footsteps of other African nations, such as South Africa and Mozambique, which have made strides in recognizing and protecting the rights of their LGBT citizens.

Despite this criticism, the president’s decision is supported by many Ghanaians who believe that the acceptance of LGBT relationships would erode the country’s cultural fabric. They argue that Ghana’s unique identity is founded upon its adherence to traditional values and that embracing LGBT rights would disrupt this foundation.

The debate on LGBT rights in Ghana is far from over, with both sides presenting strong arguments for their respective positions. However, President Nana Akufo Addo’s unwavering stance demonstrates a commitment to upholding the values and beliefs that have shaped Ghana for generations.

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