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Barber kills girlfriend after suspected cheating in Ghana


“WARNING: This video contains graphic content that may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

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The people of Ghana woke up to a disturbing news of a senior high school student who got killed by her barber boyfriend after suspected cheating. According to reports, the incident occurred in the Eastern region of Ghana, where the young girl who was a student in one of the senior high schools visited her boyfriend at his barbering shop.


Eyewitnesses reveal that a heated argument ensued between the couple, which resulted in the barber strangling his girlfriend with the wire of his barbering machine while using the same machine to inflict injuries on her body. The victim’s body was left on the floor, covered in blood, while the barber ran away.

The incident has since stirred outrage among Ghanaians, who are seeking justice for the young girl. Many have condemned the barbaric act of the barber, who was supposed to be a protector and not a killer.

The video of the incident has been making rounds on social media, with many people expressing shock and sadness over the incident. In the video, a woman could be heard narrating the incident in Twi language, as the lifeless body of the victim lay on the floor, with the wire of the barbering machine still wrapped around her neck.

It’s a sad reminder of the need for individuals to manage their emotions well and seek help, especially in cases where they feel overwhelmed with emotions. It’s also a call to parents and guardians to be more vigilant in supervising the relationships their wards engage in, to avoid incidents like this.


The Ghanaian Police have launched an investigation into the incident, and the suspect is currently on the run. It’s our hope that justice will be served, and the family of the victim will find peace and closure.

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