2023: How to Accumulate Vodafone Data on My Vodafone App Using Made4Me Bundles


With the digital age upon us, data has become a necessity and not just a luxury. The need to stay connected for work or leisure can be quite demanding, especially when you have to make do with limited data packages. Fortunately, Vodafone Ghana has made it easier to accumulate data on the My Vodafone app with their Made4Me Bundles.

The Made4Me Bundles offer 2.0GB for GHS 3 and 5.0GB for GHS 5,5. It is important to note that the offer may be different for other sim cards, so it is advisable to check for new changes in offers within every 24hrs.

To accumulate the data, check the drop-down menu in the My Vodafone app and select ‘Bundles’ from the list of options. A pop-up menu will appear that offers several services, including cash, bundles, and support.

To proceed, select ‘Bundles’ from the list, and another pop-up menu will appear where you can select ‘Made4Me’ from the available options. If your sim is eligible, you would see different packages with the data plans of 2.0GB for GHS 3 and 5.0GB for GHS 5,5.

Choose any of the packages that suit your data needs and budget, and proceed to make the purchase. Once the purchase is complete, you should see the accumulated data under the ‘My Usage’ section of the app.

It is important to note that you can repeat the same process to accumulate more data. Once you have successfully purchased the package of your choice, you can continue to buy more bundles until your data needs are sufficiently met.


In conclusion, Vodafone Ghana has made it easier for users to accumulate data on the My Vodafone app with Made4Me Bundles. With the steps outlined above, you can take advantage of these amazing data packages and stay connected to the world.

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