Guide On How To Use TechZone101.Hc File To Browse Unlimited On MTN Ghana


In Ghana, we understand that records can be quite luxurious, making it tough for many humans to access the net as a whole lot as they would love. That’s why the group at TECHZONE101.COM is working tirelessly to make life less complicated for others by presenting answers like the TechZone101.Hc config file. This document permits Ghanaians to browse the net with zero stability on the MTN Ghana network. In this manual, we will provide an explanation for how to import and use the TechZone101.Hc config file on Http Custom.

Step 1: Download the TechZone101.hc Config File

To get started out, you will want to download the TechZone101.Hc config document on our TELEGRAM

Step 2: Install Http Custom

If you haven’t already, download and install the Http Injector Custom app on your Android device. The apps is accessible on app  Google Play Store.

Step three: Import the TechZone101.Hc Config File

1. Open the Http Custom app for your device.

2. Tap at the + icon (below) within the display.

3. Select “Config” from the menu.

Four. Tap on “Import Config” and find the TechZone101.Hc config document that you downloaded in advance.

Four. Tap on “Import Config” and find the TechZone101.Hc config document that you downloaded in advance.

Five. Select the record and tap on “Import” to add it to the Http Custom app.

Step 4: Connect to the Internet

1. Make certain your device is connected to the MTN Ghana community with 0 balance.

2. Now you need to open the http custom app and click on Start Button.

Three. Wait for the app to establish a connection. Once linked, you could now browse the internet with limitless access on the MTN Ghana network.


Please be aware that using this method to get admission to the net can also violate the phrases and situations of your community company. TECHZONE101.COM and its team are not answerable for any effects which could get up from the usage of this technique. Use it at your own risk.


The TechZone101.Hc config document is a helpful device for Ghanaians who want to experience unlimited net get right of entry to on the MTN Ghana network with out traumatic about records costs. By following the stairs outlined in this guide, you could without problems import and use the TechZone101.Hc config record on Http Injector Custom. However, please don’t forget to use this technique responsibly and at your very own threat.

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